East Consulting – Your Partner in International Growth

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Russia - CIS countries - Nordics - Baltics - Middle East - Central and South Europe - China

East Consulting

East Consulting Ltd is a Finnish Management Partner Company, which creates value for its customers by providing support in a variety of international business related challenges. We help companies of various sizes and diverse backgrounds to achieve business goals in different market areas.

Our advisory services include market surveys, analysis, research, and business development, which involve evaluation and implementation of different market entry strategies in practical coaching, and management training.

East Consulting team is supporting client-companies in market entry and daily operations, applying networking, competences and expertise in tackling the hardest cases, where own company’s resources and capabilities are limited.

Our main goal is to be more than a traditional consulting company; a committed partner who provides good foundation for internationalization, walks alongside the client over various business turning points, helps opening doors and brings expertise to client’s team.

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